SAY CHEESE by Julian Richfield

SAY CHEESE by Julian Richfield

I have always been a lover of good cheese and particularly love tasting cheeses that are new to me.

Like most of us, my daily cheese is likely to be a product of a commercial cheesery or dairy and there’s nothing wrong with that ….. some good commercial cheeses out there!

And then, the advent of artisan cheese-making……Vive la difference!

Recently I had the opportunity to try the Healey’s Slow Matured Cheddar. The timing could not have been better as this cheese has just been declared SA Champion at the 2017 SA Diary Championships in the Raw Milk Semi Hard or Hard Cheese category.

I noticed on its label, the serving suggestion: “Remove from fridge at least one hour before serving to release the full flavour of the cheese”. This I did in reverse order – tried it room temperature, refrigerated it, tried the cheese again – the advice was good. As delicious the cheese was straight out of the fridge, the room temperature experience certainly added much to my sensory experience of it.

Being brand new to describing the sensation and maybe not having the “cheese speak” vocab, I’ll leave it to the Healey tasting notes: The Healey Slow Matured Cheddar exudes a harmonious savoury and nutty flavour, which is in perfect balance with saltiness and acidity”.

For me, I love a strong flavour in my cheese and this one certainly ticked my flavour box and then some. I tried it on toast, tried it with some tomato and finished it all, on its own. Really yummy and so “Please sir, I want some more” – ish!

Everything I post on this blog is a shareable experience and you too can enjoy tasting the cheese at the brand new Healey’s Cheesery and Deli which is at Waterkloof Estate, Sir Lowry’s Pass Village Road, Somerset West.

Spectacularly situated, with wonderful Waterkloof wines and their much revered restaurant making a visit there most worthwhile.

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