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Healey's Farmhouse Cheddar

Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese

Our noble Farmhouse Cheddar is created with passion from the finest unpasteurized (raw) milk from pasture grazing Cattle. Our milk is from a certified herd and free of hormones and steroids. Ours is a real cheese free of all preservatives, artificial colouring, flavour enhances, anti-moulds etc.
The cheeses are clothed and greased to form a natural outer rind, with a beautiful clean inner cheese.

The heads of cheese are matured in an induced cave-like environment with humidity and temperature control. This encourages mould growth which enhances the flavour development over a period of time. For the first six weeks of their lives, all heads are turned through 180 degrees on a daily basis. This is done in order to have an even distribution of butter fat throughout. For the rest of the cheeses, maturation life which could be anything from eight months to one year, the cheeses are turned through 180 degrees once per week.

Due to our noble Farmhouse Cheddar being made from unpasteurized milk, we have the added advantage of bacteria (good guys) that are not killed during the pasteurizing process which adds greatly to the flavour development.

Our Awards

Healeys Cheese has won numerous awards: