Making Healey’s Video

The video showcasing our hard work is now available on YouTube. Slice yourself some cheddar, sit back and enjoy. To view the video click here

New vintage Healey’s Single Release Cheddar

The saying ‘spring is the best time to be single’ certainly rings true when it comes to Healey’s Slow Matured Cheddar as we have just unveiled the latest vintage of our exclusive Single Release Cheddar. A limited release, handmade cheddar produced from the finest unpasteurized milk back in spring 2016, when the pastures were at […]

SAY CHEESE by Julian Richfield

I have always been a lover of good cheese and particularly love tasting cheeses that are new to me. Like most of us, my daily cheese is likely to be a product of a commercial cheesery or dairy and there’s nothing wrong with that ….. some good commercial cheeses out there! And then, the advent […]

Healey’s Cheddar triumphs at SA Dairy Championships

New winelands deli showcases the intricate art of award-winning cheese making Healey’s Slow Matured Cheddar has churned out SA Champion status at this year’s SA Dairy Championships by soaring above all other competitors in the Raw Milk Semi Hard or Hard Cheese Category. The cheese is made by hand in limited quantities at Waterkloof Estate […]

Healey’s Cheddar Cheese & Potato Croquettes


As featured on “There is something about biting into a croquette, that for me, is simply and utterly moreish. The crisp outer coating, the soft potato and then gooey cheese that simply screams ‘Yes, I’ll have another one please!’” Healey’s Cheddar Cheese & Potato Croquettes Ingredients 3 large potatoes 150g Healey’s Slow Matured Cheddar, […]

Easy Healey’s Cheddar Cheese Straws & Cheddar Bacon Dip


As featured on “These easy puff pastry cheese straws and cheddar & bacon dip were the result of lots of um’ing and ah’ing over what to do with this gorgeous cheddar (one option was purely slices of cheese and a glass of red wine, but experimentation won out in the end, thank goodness!). Healey’s […]

Souffléd welsh rarebit with Healey’s mature cheddar


As featured on “There are as many Welsh rarebit recipes as there are days in the year, but in essence cheese meets liquid to form a thick cheesy spread. Slap it on toast, whack it under the grill and you’ve got yourself Welsh rarebit. Regardless of how you make it, the one thing you […]

Healey’s Mature Cheddar & Wild Mushroom Croquettes

Healey's Croquettes

As featured on “Healey’s Noble Slow Matured Cheddar recently sent me a huge slab of their award winning farmhouse cheddar to play with. What a treat it’s been. The flavour and texture profile is similar to a good crumbly Gruyere in my opinion. This inspired me to make cheese croquettes using a seriously thick […]